peace to Buddy Esquire and Phase 2 (working to undermine every aspect of western civilization) and countless pioneers for focussing
and peace to dustykid for sharing originally

Most of the Old School Party Flyers were Designed By Buddy Esquire and Phase 2. Phase 2 was a real big Aerosol Artist who wrote on allot of the NYC Trains who also did a majority of the Party Flyers back then. Buddy Esquire was a regular Artist who did allot of party flyers as well.

These Cats Worked on big Art tables and had all the tools to make these flyers by hand including those Rub on Letters, wax Machines, exacto knives, Graph Paper and many other tools that are extinct today in the modern artwork world.

- dustykid post on, 07 oct 2004

What is Hip Hop?

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